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barbie- Barbie: Greta Gerwig refused to delete the scene because it was "the heart of the movie" - The USA Print88%of Greta Gerwigis already available in theaters and many have wondered how it was possible that the director could touch on certain themes in the story that has as its protagonist margot robbie like the iconic Mattel doll. Well, not everything was easy since it has been revealed on more than one occasion that the film crew had to “fight” to keep certain scenes intact so that they could fulfill the purpose for which they are there. One of these scenes in particular was about to be cut, but Gerwig refused because it was about the “heart of the movie”.

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Within the color and music of Barbie, there are many scenes that touch the heart of the viewer thanks to the fact that the development of the story contains several emotional scenes and precisely one of them wanted to be eliminated by the executives. Gerwig had previously revealed that he had been suggested to delete a scene in which the character of margot robbie he meets an old lady at a bus stop. At that time, Barbie was in the real world and had experienced a great disappointment to find that everything worked in a different way from her world, but that lady saw her and told her that she looked beautiful, thus giving her a little hope.

The director said to rolling stones that he loved that scene and that it seemed so important to him even though the executives said that, for them, a version of the film without that moment would not make much of a difference. Gerwig is also aware of public reactions to other scenes that have surprised her because it’s hard to imagine that a Mattel executive would allow her to say certain things about the company, but for her this scene was so vital to understanding what the movie is about. This was what she commented on (via Variety):

I love that scene so much. And the older woman on the bench is costume designer Ann Roth. She is a legend. It’s a dead end of a moment, in a way, it leads nowhere. And in the early cuts, looking at the film, she suggested to herself, “Well, you could cut it. And actually, the story would stay the same.” And I said, “If I cut the scene, I don’t know what this movie is about.”

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That’s how I saw it. For me, this is the heart of the film. The way Margot interprets that moment is so gentle and so natural. There are more outrageous elements in the movie where people are like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe Mattel let you do this” or “I can’t believe Warner Bros. let you do this.”

The scene in question is what has led the director to say repeatedly that without her she would not know what she was doing the film for or that what she was saying would not make sense. In an interview with The New York Times He added that it was about including a voice of wisdom, as if it were a grandmother telling her granddaughter that everything will be fine, since it was that feeling that she intended to convey to the viewer. After all, the stereotypical Barbie from margot robbie he had a mission that at that moment became impossible, but his interaction with the lady, played by the designer Ann Rothallowed him to have a broad perception of the human world.

Of course, this will make more sense to people who have seen Barbie, because the plot of the film was not revealed as it happens with other blockbuster type films, which allows the film to offer many more surprises than expected and a more emotional, deep and direct story than what could be observed in the trailers. The movie of Greta Gerwig is on its way to being one of the biggest box office hits of the year and, at least for what it’s achieving on its release, it looks like it’s going to deliver.

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