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F1 2023: Hungarian Grand Prix updates – live

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Last year, Verstappen nailed Leclerc on the exit to turn one. I’m not sure Hamilton will make it as easy, but he might not have enough ballast to stick in front.

I love Misan Harriman’s work. Check him out.

The track temperature is a ludicrous 53 degrees, so we may be looking at three-stop strategies, tyres chewed up by the heat. And, given the driver championship is effectively settled, both Hamilton and Verstappen have liberty to pursue risky strategies.

Russell, 18th on the grid, says he and Mercedes don’t make mistakes often so he’s not too troubled about a poor weekend so far. I’d expect him to carve through the field pretty quickly as this track is pretty friendly for would-be overtakers.

Anthem time, Himnusz performed by a school choir.

Michael Strahan is also about. He’s never got in an F1 car but would like to, problem being he’s 6”5.

Terry Crews is roaming the pit lane. He’s been working out, but really, who hasn’t?

It’s so nice to see Ricciardo back. He looked well-placed to really make a mark a few years ago, but he’s not the first to hit a bump in the road, and still has plenty of time to develop and maximise his talent.

I know we’re all thinking about Verstappen passing Hamilton, but I wonder how Norris is going to attack this race. He’s growing in confidence and had plenty to start with; I bet he’s not planning to simply hang onto his podium spot and leave it at that.

We now watch footage showing the cleaner racing line coming from P2, not pole. Hamilton is a brilliant starter, but he’ll need to be bang at it to stop Verstappen from marching past at lights out.

Verstappen isn’t too bothered about Norris’ tyres, nor about Hamilton being in pole; “it’s a long race,” he says – and one he won from 10th on the grid last term. I fear he’ll cope.

Zac thinks Verstappen’s speed down the straight will be too much for Hamilton, while Hamilton himself says he was lost for words at his pole. He had early success on this track and has always loved racing on it, so yesterday meant the world for him; he knows it’ll take something magical to bring home the win, though, and will do all he can to pull a rabbit from the hat.

Turns out that Sky – UK and Deutschland – will have a feed presented for kids, by kids, and Zac is a young go-karter involved. What a great idea.

Oh man, this is so cool. We watch VT of a young, black reporter is chatting to Hamilton explaining what it means to see a black driver ripping it up. He’s got some talent.

While our coverage was breaking, Hamilton and Verstappen passed each other by, refusing to exchange looks. It’s getting tense, and we’ve not even started yet.

We’ve got all sorts for you this afternoon:

The grid

  1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

  2. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

  3. Lando Norris (McLaren)

  4. Oscar Piastri (McLaren)

  5. Zhou Guanyu (Alfa Romeo)

  6. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

  7. Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo)

  8. Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin)

  9. Sergio Pérez (Red Bull)

  10. Niko Hulkenberg (Haas)

  11. Carlos Sainz Jr (Ferrari)

  12. Esteban Ocon (Alpine)

  13. Daniel Ricciardo (AlphaTauri)

  14. Lance Stroll (Aston Martin)

  15. Pierre Gasly (Alpine)

  16. Alex Albon (Williams)

  17. Yuku Tsunoda (AlphaTauri)

  18. George Russell (Mercedes)

  19. Kevin Magnussen (Haas)

  20. logan Sargeant (Williams)


Is it too much to hope things are changing? Though we’re not here just to see who wins, Max Verstappen’s dominance – six wins a in a row – has made this season too predictable for many. Of course, we can only admire his driving and Red Bull’s car, but it’d be nice to see a contest – if not this season next – and perhaps, eventually, we’ll look back at this weekend at the one that Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes got it together again.

By the sounds of things, Hamilton wasn’t expecting pole today, but a tremendous drive in qualifying reminded us – and him! – that he’s a maestro of epochal proportions. Whether he has the speed to lead the field home is a different question, but his reaction after yesterday’s lap was everything we wanted and needed to hear. He is not going anywhere.

He will, though, have Verstappen behind him on the grid, and with Lando Norris starting in P3, today’s ruckus might be one we’re enjoying for a good few years to come.

Lights out: 3pm local, 2pm BST

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