Police asking for more surveillance cameras in Guelph |

More surveillance cameras could be coming to Guelph.

A report delivered at Thursday’s police board meeting requested 14 new cameras as part of the police force’s 10-year capital budget forecast.

The cost of the cameras would be $495,000, with $295,000 coming out of the police budget. The remaining $200,000 would be covered through a provincial grant the city has applied for.

It will also cost $140,000 a year to operate and maintain the cameras.

The report suggested most of the cameras will be put in the downtown area in an effort to enhance community safety.

Police say tools such as closed-circuit television can assist police in discouraging crime, identify those who commit offences, and help coordinate and deploy resources.

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Pending budget approval, the proposed cameras are expected to be installed and in operation for 2024.



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