U.S. Attorney opposes NXIVM leader’s 3rd motion for new trial

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York is asking the court to shut down former NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere’s third motion for a new trial, calling it “untimely and meritless.”

Raniere, who was sentenced to 120 years in prison in 2020, claims federal prosecutors tampered with evidence, which prosecutors have denied. The former Capital Region-based, disgraced “self-improvement” guru claims that he is entitled to a new trial because “newly discovered
evidence” demonstrates that “the government manufactured child pornography and planted it
on a computer hard drive to tie it to him,” according to documents filed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Hajjar.

Federal prosecutors have struck down Raniere’s claims, stating Raniere has failed to identify any “newly discovered evidence.” They point to evidence presented at trial that a hard drive recovered by law enforcement at a Raniere residence in Halfmoon contained naked photographs of an underage girl. She submitted a sworn declaration to the court that she was 15 years old at the time the photos were taken in 2005.

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