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Builder shows botched paving job on family driveway and people are shocked

A LANDSCAPER has mocked a dodgy drive after a cowboy trader totally botched it.

People have joked that the block laying is so bad that they can see it from their homes.

The paving block spacing starts off acceptable


The paving block spacing starts off acceptableCredit: Tiktok – @canwedig1t
... But is shocking at the other end of the drive


… But is shocking at the other end of the driveCredit: Tiktok – @canwedig1t

The driveway paving connecting the driveway with the public street started off with tightly laid blocks.

However, they soon began getting further and futher apart in the cement.

At the opposite length of the drive, the blocks have at least one centimetre of cement around each one.

Lee Ball at Can We Dig It has completed his fair share of paving work and has even showcased how he cuts in a tight paving border to lay blocks. 

But after seeing the cowboy job on a neighbouring drive to where he was working, he felt compelled to share it on TikTok. 

People have branded the finished paving “s**t” and “shocking”, with one man wishing he could “unsee it”.

Lee said the drive “has been like that a long time” and no amount of wear and tear will hide how obvious the flawed block laying is. 

“Now, I’m no expert at laying blocks, but damn,” one viewer commented.

“Reckon it was I can’t be a***d mode towards the end,” another penned. 

Other viewers joked that it must have been a “Friday job” and the tradie was desperate to finish for the weekend when laying the slabs. 

“This hurts my eyes,” one man said. 

“How could they have left it thinking it was a good job and the customer not telling them to rip it up or not paying?” another asked. “That is s**t.”

People were curious to find out whether the homeowner had paid the cowboys for the work but Lee couldn’t answer that question.

Cowboy builders are a homeowners worst nightmare, but there are ways to tell if a tradesman is dodgy.

Radio broadcaster Clive Holland exposes them for a living and exclusively shared his tips with The Sun for noticing a rogue tradie before they get to work on your property.

These include being wary of door-to-door builders and noticing fake paperwork.

He also recommended asking to see examples of a tradesperson’s work before letting them loose on your home.

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