Could Denver break some heat records this week?

DENVER (KDVR) — August is just a week away, and Denver still hasn’t had its first triple-digit day this year. However, the heat is on this week, and not only could Denver hit 100 degrees it could also tie or break a few records.

According to the Pinpoint Weather team, Denver will be in the 90s for at least the next seven days and staying above average for this time of year. With these high temperatures, Denver has two chances to break or tie some records.

On Monday, Denver is forecast to hit 98 degrees. July 24’s record high is 100 degrees, so there is a chance that the Mile High City could break or tie the daily record and also claim its first triple-digit day in 2023.

July 24’s record was last set in 2003.

Clouds will move in Monday afternoon and bring a small chance for an isolated shower, so temperatures will have to rise quickly to hit that record.

On Tuesday, Colorado’s Most Accurate Forecast is saying the high will be 97 degrees. The record high temperature for July 25 is 99 degrees, which could be the second day in a row that Denver has the chance of breaking or tying a record.

That record was last set in 1963, so Denver has a chance of ending a 60-year-old record.

Denver weather: Possible record-breaking temperatures for July 24 and July 25

While the rest of the week is balmy, after Tuesday Denver does not have another chance of hitting the record books. According to Pinpoint Meteorologist Travis Michels, temperatures will remain above average, but the forecast highs are at least five degrees lower than the daily record.

Pinpoint Weather 7-day forecast for July 24 in Denver

How often does Denver hit 100°?

According to the Pinpoint Weather team, 100-degree days are not all that common in Denver.

Just looking at the past 30 years, nine have not hit 100 degrees. Eight out of the last 30 years have seen 100 degrees or hotter on only one day, five years have hit that mark two days. Three out of the last 30 years have hit at least 100 degrees three times, and only five out of the last 30 years have seen four or more days hit 100 degrees or higher.

If Denver did hit the century mark in a given year, it usually happened around July 12.

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