‘Wonderful’: Delight as Highland community welcomes new promenade

Ullapool Harbour Trust confirmed that disruptive works to widen the village’s Shore Street and install a paved promenade “are all but complete”.

The road, pavement and cycleway have been resurfaced and fresh road markings applied on the street, leaving just lighting, signposts and railings to be installed. 

Home to shops, cafes and tourist accommodation, Shore Street, which links the main trunk road running through Ullapool, the A835, to the Ullapool-Stornoway ferry terminal, is popular with residents and visitors alike.

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Ullapool Bookshop took to Twitter to welcome the completion of the works, tweeting that “it’s wonderful to see so many people enjoying a ‘promenade’ now”.

The sea wall has been faced with recycled Moine, quarried at Braemore junction to make way for the new Corrieshalloch Gorge visitor centre, while the integral wooden bench features are constructed of recycled West African Ekki railway sleepers to replicate the appearance of the sheet-piled pier.

The new promenade is also home to eight sets of bollards that were recovered from the tug Calshot, which pulled the great ocean liners that once visited Southampton such as the Queen Mary and Mauritania.

About the promenade project, Ullapool Harbour Trust wrote: “The widening of Shore Street has been a challenging project for the contractors especially given some unforeseen issues including the dilapidated condition of essential services located beneath the pavements.  

“In order to avoid excavation in future years, repair and replacement works had to be undertaken, necessitating an extension to the project duration.

“The harbour would like to thank the homeowners, businesses and wider community for their patience and understanding over the past ten months.  We hope all the effort has been worthwhile.”

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