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The Afeela, the first car of the new joint venture, will have 45 sensors, Level 3 autonomous driving and large screens for infotainment.

Sony and Honda have joined forces to make super-tech electric cars. The joint venture of the two Japanese giants, called Sony Honda Mobility, is defining the characteristics of its cars, starting with the Afeela electric sedan. The idea, in short, is to create a sort of computer with wheels.

This is the priority. And this is demonstrated by the fact that, rather than working on the creation of a sales or assistance network or pushing on the communication of the range and design, for Afeela the emphasis is on the fact that for the entire technological system we have relied on the chip manufacturer Qualcomm Technologies.

As far as is known, the Afeela will have 45 driver assistance sensors, including Lidar and cameras, which will guarantee Level 3 autonomous driving. The car will have large screens dedicated to infotainment, which will give all occupants the opportunity to watch movies or surf the internet from wherever they are seated.

The joint venture Sony Honda Mobility, for the human-machine interface, will use the Unreal Engine of Qualcomm Epic Games. It is a real-time 3D creation tool that leverages artificial intelligence.

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Level 3 autonomous driving

Specifically, Qualcomm will provide the new company with a set of high-performance microprocessors designed specifically to work in the automotive sector. It’s called Snapdragon Digital Chassis and is capable of performing 800 trillion operations per second. For comparison, a microprocessor currently used in a modern car performs 10 to 50 trillion operations per second.

Production in North America

The Afeela will be produced by Honda in North America and, more precisely, in Ohio, where it is building a factory dedicated only to electric vehicles. The car will be built on the company’s e:Architecture platform, which should soon make its debut on other cars of the brand.

The Afeela EV, on the other hand, will only be built from 2025, with deliveries starting in 2026. The car will be sold in the United States, but will also be exported to Japan. It is not yet known, however, if it will also be sold in Europe.


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