russain adopts new constitution

The document is said to bolster the powers of the country’s president, who will be elected democratically next year

Mali’s constitutional court validated the final results of a referendum on a draft constitution on Friday, dismissing appeals calling for cancellation of the results due to alleged incidents and irregularities during the process.

The court upheld the legitimacy of the June vote, which it said saw 96.91% of voters in favor of adopting a new constitution and 3.09% opposed.

The referendum is the first ballot held by the West African nation since the military took power in a coup in August 2020. The new governmental framework is said to give a major role to the military junta headed by Assimi Goita.

Under the constitutional changes, the head of state of the former French colony will have the authority to lay out national policies.

Mali’s presidential elections are now scheduled to take place in February 2024 after the junta failed to do so last year as promised, pushing back against regional and international pressure to return to civilian rule.

Russia celebrates former African leader’s legacy

Malians who spoke to RT, including Jean Zerbo, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bamako, believe the outcome confirms the people’s will, and that its enactment will determine the country’s future.

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