Adirondack Line confusion lingers as stops are added

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Amtrak is opening two more stops on the Adirondack Line, today. NEWS10 has more on the disrupted service, delays and confusion that circle the embattled line which has been said to have shut down due to fires, hot weather and Canadian National Railway restrictions.

With the Adirondack Line now resuming service to Schenectady and Saratoga Springs, getting to both cities should be much easier. Yet, the Amtrak app and website are proving to be somewhat confusing to navigate for riders.

Assembly Member, Angelo Santabarbara has been working with Amtrak on the restoration of the Adirondack Line says that partial service is great but confusion on Amtrak’s system is problematic.

“The app is showing the train is delayed, some show that it was canceled for today. I understand that the train is running, it is running late. But again, some of the information is very confusion for people, they really need to clear that up,” said the Assemblymember.

Steve Strauss, Executive Director of Empire State Passengers Association, has reached out to Amtrak in response to the confusion.

“We’re disappointed that Amtrak’s reservations app and other electronic route maps may not be accurately portraying the scheduled service for customers. We’ve encouraged Amtrak to update all of their signage and electronic information and the reservation system to reflect the current New York City to Saratoga Springs service on the Adirondack,” said Strauss.

Todd Shimkus, president of the Saratoga Springs County Chamber of Commerce says the trains are not that vital to the Saratoga summer economy, but they could be.

“The reality is that Saratoga is Drive destination. Most folks are using their car. Our hope is that someday we have more reliable train service we think that would help us get more people here,” said Shimkus.

Santabarbara says full restoration of the line up to Plattsburg is necessary and not a luxury.

“There’s no reason to not run the train at all that is a disservice to New Yorkers and it’s unacceptable,” said Santabarbara.

NEWS10 has reached out to Amtrak for more on the Adirondack Line services and its future plans. We are awaiting those responses.

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