‘It’s good to be Alive’: Family welcomes newborn twins after surviving house fire

One week after a family in Woodland nearly perished in a fire, they welcomed newborn twins to the world, and they are now being helped by their community as they rebuild.

Adi Komaisavai gave birth on the afternoon of July 20 to babies Helen and Tasi at Sutter Davis Hospital in Davis.

“Helen came first and Tasi came second, three hours later,” Komaisavai told FOX40 News.

She and her husband now have four children, two girls and two boys, as they seek to rebuild their home, which was damaged by flames along with three other homes.

The family says they threw towels over their faces as they barged blindly through the smoke and tore down a fence to escape the inferno.

Since they survived the fire, they have been staying at a family member’s house in Fairfield.

The parents say that, while they were worried about having their home destroyed in the fire, they were inspired by their newborn twins.

“Just holding the babies was a different feeling altogether, (knowing) you brought life into this world,” Komaisavai said.

Her husband, Manu Sauvou, added that he was enthusiastic about the birth of his children.

“I’m a proud dad, and I was emotional when she was born,” he said about the birth of his second daughter. “Waiting those three hours for Tasi to be born made me think ‘It’s good to be alive.’”

The family is being helped by the Yolo County community and people beyond, with donations coming in to help them get back on their feet.

Other families affected by the fire have also been receiving donations.

Komaisavai and Sauvou say that they are grateful for the help and that they are ready to rebuild their home for themselves and their four children.

“(We will) start fresh,” Komaisavai said.

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