‘It’s unbearable’: Naked man caught on camera roaming LA apartment building

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – A man has been terrorizing residents of an east Hollywood apartment building and creeping around the complex naked, the tenants say. 

Fearful residents in the complex say the man keeps breaking in, walking around naked and disturbing their peace. 

“He’s been trying to break into apartments,” said 27-year-old resident Vanessa Salguero. “He was walking around naked one night, just full-on naked. I wasn’t able to sleep the last week or so. I developed really bad insomnia, really bad anxiety, and I know everyone else has been feeling the same thing.” 

The man was also caught on home surveillance camera carrying a large knife on one occasion and carrying a large knife and a mask in a separate incident. 

Residents say the unwelcomed visits started after another woman was taken into psychiatric hold after terrorizing those same tenants and threatening to blow up the building. Since then, new unwanted visitors, including the man, have come looking for her. 

“The police said, ‘But she’s not doing anything,’” said tenant Maria Teresa Lim. “Then what is the right time? When all of us are dead?” 

The apartment management left a note on the tenants’ doors saying they are acting within the parameters of the law, but residents are demanding that more be done. 

“They changed the locks on this door right here, and that doesn’t do anything for us if there are other entrance points,” Salguero said. You don’t want to wake up and see a naked man roaming the pool touching himself. There’s children. It’s unbearable.” 

Management has not responded to KTLA’s request for a statement. 

Anyone who recognizes this man or has any information about these incidents is urged to call Los Angeles Police Department. 

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