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Alicia Navarro’s mother asks public to back off as police investigate

Missing teen Alicia Navarro reunited with her mother after 4 years

The mother of former missing Arizona teenager Alicia Navarro has asked the public to move on, stating that the amount of attention has put the family’s safety at risk.

Jessica Nuñez, began her Facebook video statement on Sunday afternoon by thanking the public for the amount of support the family has received since her daughter’s disappearance in 2019. 

“I could never have kept going without all of your love, help and well wishes. I can’t even put into the words the amount of gratitude I have for you all,” Nuñez said. 

As police continue to investigate the circumstances leading up to Alicia’s disappearance and reappearance at a Montana police station last week, Nuñez said the public’s search for answers has taken a dangerous turn.

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